5/8: Before Edward Met Bella

111808 Twilight Kiss
Photo Credit: Deana Newcomb

THE ORIGINAL EDWARD: Yes, Twi-hards, there was life before Edward and Bella.  The 1922 film Nosferatu is known as the first vampire movie ever made. Catch this classic set to music from the San Diego Symphony tonight at 8 p.m at Copley Symphony Hall.

A TALE IS TOLD: Story lovers, gather around and listen to a tale from Donald Davis. Davis is best known for being one of the best-loved modern story tellers, catch him at the Manchester Executive Conference center at 7:30 p.m.

LAUGH THE NIGHT AWAY: Comedy and a rock show? It’s something for everyone! Comedienne Sindi Somers opens up for Cyanide Vogue tonight at the Archway Lounge. The fun begins at 9 p.m. Rock on.

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