Saves the Day Will Spend the Night

Saves the Day
Colleen Durkin

In the late '90s, it would have been hard to find a band more emblematic of the burgeoning emo movement than Saves the Day.

Led by vocalist Chris Conley, the group married elements of punk, pop and hard core with butt-hurt lyrics about mean ex-girlfriends and missing your mom. The perpetually jilted Conley was one of emo's first poster boys, lamenting his broken heart via some impressively nasal vocals.

Along with acts like Midtown and the Get Up Kids, Saves the Day gave a generation of teenagers the perfect soundtrack for marinating in their own romantic despair. The band peaked with 1999's guilty pleasure Through Being Cool, a taut collection of breakup songs that were as catchy as they were whiny.

People looking to relive their pubescent years of heartbreak and self-pity will be pleased to know that Saves the Day are set to play Soma on Thursday, Oct. 14. The New Jersey band is opening, and once it has finished making you cry in your Zima, LA's Say Anything and Minnesota's Motion City Soundtrack will be on hand to make you question your life choices.

It all sounds pretty torturous, but a healthy masochistic streak is a must for all dedicated emo kids. Tickets can be purchased here. As you might guess, the event is all ages.

Chris Maroulakos is a writer and managing editor for the San Diego music blog Owl and Bear.

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