Local Bands Battle for Bro-Am Glory

Calling all San Diego bands: Who wants to officially bro down with Switchfoot this June?

Hey, local bands: Who's up for bro-ing down? If the idea of opening a huge Encinitas beach festival with San Diego's own Switchfoot is near the top of your bucket list, you may just be in luck. 

The hometown pop-rock titans' Bro-Am fest/fundraiser has been taking over Moonlight Beach in Encinitas for years now, and its 15th annual installment is set to take place on Saturday, June 29, with surf contests, food, vendors, beach fun and, of course, live performances.

Each iteration of the fest is a massive benefit for Switchfoot's Bro-Am Foundation, which gives back to the San Diego community by providing grants to nonprofit organizations that service the homeless, at-risk and disadvantaged youth, and more. It’s become a yearly tradition of giving back that every San Diegan can be proud of.

And in further keeping with tradition, 91x is once again partnering with the band to host a Battle for the Bro-Am contest that'll see a local act snag their own time slot on the big fest. Switchfoot and 91x will review all entries (submissions are open now), with Jon Foreman and Co. officially deciding on the lucky finalist. On Sunday, June 23, the winning act will be announced during 91x Loudspeaker between 7 and 10 p.m.

For some, the prospect of a battle-of-the-bands contest will raise suspicions of favoritism, etc. but Loudspeaker host (and SoundDiego contributor) Tim Pyles wants to assure everyone that there is no foul play a(switch)foot.

"In the past, we have listened to all the music, selecting five to 10 artists for Switchfoot to then choose from -- and we don't intend to do it any differently," Pyles told SoundDiego. "[91x Loudspeaker co-host] Lou Niles and myself will be the main ears on the music. We have discovered new bands in the past, but we do know the bands for the most part. But this is probably one of the coolest opportunities for a local band, so why wouldn't you submit? I can think of five bands already that have submitted that I would support."

While some genres may seem like a more natural fit than others for the festival (which typically leans toward pop, rock and/or reggae), Pyles told us that submitting music to Battle for the Bro-Am can work in a local act's favor regardless of the style -- even if they don't win.

"I'll listen to any submissions, but yes, more than likely, a death-metal band is not moving on. But [even then], Loudspeaker [would be] aware of them and we're not afraid to play them on the radio, so it's a win-win."

San Diego acts will need to provide some standard info, as well as a link to a music video or performance; pretty standard stuff that most local bands have (and if you don't, you probably should). The submission period ends Sunday, June 9, at midnight. You’ve gotta be in it to win it, so do it up right here.

As Pyles puts it: "Be awesome! Blow my mind! I just want to hear the music." Amen, bro.

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