Dynamite Downhill Deal

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For one day only, Friday November 11 (11-11-11), $11 will buy you a full-day, adult lift ticket at either Snow Summit or Bear Mountain. 

That's right, 11-bucks for a mid-week, all-day ticket (you'll pay that much for a burger up there).

It could be the deal of the century, certainly the last "half century,” according to Rick Shoup, CEO and President of the Big Bear Lake Resort Association. 

"I think the last time Big Bear skiers had the opportunity to purchase tickets this cheap was in the 1950's," said Shoup.

There are, as you might imagine, some restrictions involved but, even so, it's an outstanding value.

First, you need to spend at least one night in a participating lodge at Big Bear. The rooms and booking fees are also being discounted, 11 percent per night.

The "11-11-11 Special Offer" is good only Sunday through Thursday for both room and lifts and only for this season, which runs through April 13, 2012.

It's also strictly a "one-day-deal”.

To book it you need to go on-line to www.bigbear.com or call: 800-424-4232 between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Friday.

Yes, there are restricted dates, just what you'd imagine: the Holiday weeks around Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and President's Day.

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