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Sea Lion Wanders Inland to Carmel Valley Street



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    Tracey Williams

    Officers called to a Carmel Valley scene Tuesday found it hard to cuff this jaywalking perpetrator.

    A sea lion was discovered walking down the center island of El Camino Real, just south of San Dieguito Road, according San Diego Police Officer Tracey Williams. The location was more than two miles from the nearest beach.

    Williams posted pictures of the stranded marine mammal on the Nextdoor app.

    He joked that the seal surrendered peacefully to officers and was held in custody until SeaWorld caretakers could pick it up.

    "Some days on this job you get what you don't expect. The police academy definitely didn't mention detaining seals in our training," Williams said in his post.

    It's unclear how the lost soul wandered so far from sea.