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ROLL CALL: Comic-Con Unleashed – 'New Moon,' 'Dexter' & 'Avatar'



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    'New Moon' Clips Push Fans Over The Edge: A sneak peek of two "New Moon" clips at Comic-Con in San Diego practically caused fans to implode with vampire-loving excitement. One daring fan snuck a camera into the screening and posted clips of the scenes online. Check out the clips – and serious Pattinson/Lautner abs – along with uncontrollable shrill bursts of Twi-obession, HERE!

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    McLovin Loved At Con: McLovin, also know as "Superbad's" Christopher Mintz-Plasse, is about to get his super hero street cred. The young actor stars opposite Nicolas Cage in the upcoming "Kick-Ass," about a comic book loving geek who becomes a hero even though he lacks powers. According to, footage of the upcoming film had the crowd on their feet at Comic-Con. "Holy s*** the footage from Kick-Ass was great!! Definitely could be the sleeper hit of Comic-Con - it got a standing ovation!" the Web site said in a Tweet. We'd expect nothing less from Super McLovin!

    'Avatar' Debuts: The highly anticipated "Avatar" from James Cameron made its debut at Comic-Con on Thursday and according to E! Online, the movie looks amazing and pops with amazing 3-D – but the alien race featured in the CGI fest looks like "a Thundercat action figure covered in Vaseline." And it only took $200 million and four years to do! Money well spent James!

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    Daddy 'Dexter'!: It wasn't only movies creating buzz in San Diego. Miami's favorite serial killer, "Dexter," was also at Con and series star Michael C. Hall said, "In the first episode, we see Dexter dealing with the fact that he doesn't have as much time as he'd like to have. He's a bit sleep deprived, which creates a frantic energy that we haven't seen characterized in his kills before." To quote those crazed "Twilight" fans in the clips mentioned above, "This is going to be awesome!"

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