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Lil Kim Kept Them Waiting



    Kimberly Denise Jones (aka Lil Kim), strutted her way onstage at 4th and B at little after midnight on Thursday night.

    More than 200 fans waited as seven opening hip-hop acts stalled for the hip-hop artist. At 11:35 p.m., one MC announced that Lil Kim would arrive at midnight, prompting some irritated fans to leave abruptly and others to groan. I was the one falling asleep on the rail in front of the stage.

    Lim Kim Takes the 4th & B Stage

    While Lil Kim performing her aggressive and popular track "Can't F---With Queen Bee," die-hard fans could care less about her tardiness, but salivated at the sight of her -- both men and women. The Queen Bee actually had on clothes for this show --  well, sort of -- her curvaceous body parts were covered. Donning a diamond studded tiara and black closed-toe shoes, black waistline corset with red buttons, matching white silk with semi-black lace covered bra and micro skirt and rose patterned black pantyhose, she left more to the imagination than usual. 

    After changing from her tiara to a very bright pink wig onstage, Lil Kim said in a baby talk, flirtatious voice, "San Diego, I have a 'Crush on You,' " before performing her verses of the Grammy-winning remake "Lady Marmalade." Teasing the crowd with her very sexual lyrics and body movements, Lil Kim brought three lucky male fans up onstage. While physically sexually assaulting the honored victims, her Suge Knight look-alike security guard was prepared to launch an attack at any moment. Acknowledging her roots, Lil Kim paid tribute to the hip-hop icon Notorious B.I.G., performing numerous hits by him, including, "Hypnotize."

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    One cult fan, 29-year-old Mark Tellez" from Phoenix, said, "I'm obsessed with her." He drove more than five hours to see his "Queen" and protectively added, "this is the first time she's ever appeared onstage after 10:30 p.m."  According to a source who was close to the show's production, "Lil Kim is notoriously [no pun intended] late to shows." Another fan gave the singer a large poster with an image of herself as a present, which Lil Kim hilariously placed next to the the mike and said to the cardboard cutout image: "Sing it, Kim."

    While Lil Kim is a very entertaining artist capable of capturing and keeping her fans' attention, perhaps on her next visit to San Diego, the Queen Bee won't keep her worker bees waiting quite so long.