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What Influences Dr. Dog?



    Philadelphian feel-good band Dr. Dog will play the Belly Up Tavern on Nov. 6. In anticipation of their show, we asked Dr. Dog keyboardist Zach Miller to tell us about his influences. Check 'em out below:

    Excavated Shellac: An incredibly well researched and always reliable source of mind-blowingly awesome unreleased international 78s. Each song he posts offers a small window into the strange and fascinating world inhabited by the performers etched on these fragile discs. The sides he posts are so evocative of a time and a style and a lifestyle, it’s easy to close your eyes and float away. Yet the music itself is never quaint or novel; these musicians are masters of their craft and perform with confidence and passion. Maybe try out “Occhi di Bambola,” by Giovanni Vicari, or “Angel Mio,” by Conjuncto Medrano, but don’t stop there!

    Floating Action: We’ve said it once and I’ll reiterate: Floating Action is one of the best bands out there right now, and it’s a crime that they aren’t more well-known. It’s Seth Kauffman’s band, and he writes and records himself the majority of the time. His songs are timeless, effortless and instantly memorable. His production is interesting and well executed and never overplayed. He is the coolest guy on earth, and you should do yourself a solid and buy all of his music right now.

    Mavis Staples' Live Performance: In a time when every living legend seems to think they need to have a huge band with multiple guitarists strumming along to fill out their sound, here comes Mavis Staples with a three-piece band and three backup singers that put them all to shame. It was a true novelty to see one guitarist solidly nailing it as the only chordal instrument onstage. The songs had space to breathe, but it never felt like anything was lacking either. I had genuine tears flowing during “The Weight.” Incredible. (Mavis Staples will also play the Belly Up, on Nov. 4).

    Dr. Dog always put on a great show, and tickets are bound to sell out. Get them here while they're hot! Here We Go Magic and Good Old War will open.

    T. Loper is a writer and photographer for the San Diego music blog Owl and Bear.