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In the Studio With Andi Silvas



    In the Studio With Andi Silvas
    Josh "Igloo" Monroy and Andi Silvas

    Andi Silvas, an up-and-coming indie artist with a country-edged sound arrived in San Diego earlier this month to work with Grammy-award-winning producer Josh “Igloo” Monroy.

    Monroy, who is currently L.A.-based, has worked with Ludacris, Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy and Justin Beiber, himself produced superproducer Quincy Jones’ first single in 15 years, "Soul Bossanostra." Working with Monroy, Silvas' sound has evolved into a fusion of pop, rock, folk, country and bluegrass.
    While Silvas was in town, she met up with local San Diego musician/producer Beth Ladwig, the owner of Elliotthedog Music; Tori, who San Diegans may remember from last fall, when she opened up for Colbie Caillat at the Western Metal Supply Concert Series in Petco Park; and Megan Jane, who has also performed with Bitter Sober, Tori, Lisa Sanders, Saucy Monky and RunHoney, and who has also done a turn on the hit TV show Glee.
    With their contributions, Silvas and Monroy were able to nearly complete production on six tracks in San Diego, including "Say" and "Poor Man’s Daughter," "Break the Ice" and "Ever After."
    Here's a sneak peak of Silvas in the studio with Monroy and Megan Jane:


    In the Studio With Andi Silvas

    [DGO] In the Studio With Andi Silvas
    Indie artist Andi Silvas is working with Grammy- winning producer Josh "Igloo" Monroy.
    (Published Monday, June 20, 2011)

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