Passengers Rescued from Yacht Fire on San Diego Bay

The yacht, Quan Yin, or Forgiveness of the Sea, lived up to its name

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    The passengers on board refused help at first.

    Four people escaped a yacht fire on San Diego Bay Sunday.

    The engine fire broke out after the yacht "Quan Yin" headed toward the fuel dock before a day on the water.

    The passengers aboard the double hull yacht, said they thought they could put the fire out themselves.

    While on the phone with the U.S. Coast Guard, passengers actually turned down help at first.

    But with more smoke, passenger Les Busick began to worry.

    “You know a fire at sea is a very bad thing when you're in the open ocean," said Busick. “Fortunately we were only in the harbor here."

    Harbor Police and the Coast Guard, rescued the group off the yacht.

    Some of those rescued had ash on their skin.

    Passenger Ramona Caouette, who had been aboard many times, sympathizes with her friend who owns the 84 foot boat.

    "I feel really sorry for my friend because it's going to be quite a hit you know, because nobody wants to see their boat be in flames," Caouette said.

    But for a fire that reflashed and had to be knocked down again, they're just glad nobody was seriously injured.

    Indeed, their yacht, Quan Yin, or Forgiveness of the Sea, lived up to its name.

    Authorities are still investigating the cause of the fire but, an important message from Harbor Police - always make sure that your boat is well ventilated, especially your engine compartment.

    They advise you do a check at the dock, before you get out on the water.