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Santee Security Guard Shooting a Hoax: Officials

Lance Wright fired his weapon and reported the incident as a car-to-car shooting

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    Deputies with the security guard involved in the shooting.

    A shooting involving a 22-year-old East County security guard was staged, according to investigators with the San Diego County Sheriff's Department.

    At around 4 a.m. on Friday, Lance Wright, a nightshift supervisor for Bravo Three Security, was on duty when he told deputies that he had been shot at while driving on Highway 67 near Woodside Drive in Santee.

    He told deputies that some suspects in a red suburban had allegedly pulled up behind him on the highway and opened fire. Wright said he shot back.

    At the time, Wright told officials he was also a victim of another shooting while on duty about a month ago on State Route 67.

    On Thursday, after nearly a week-long investigation, officials announced that Wright had fabricated the entire shooting story. He admitted to investigators that he actually fired his weapon at his own car and falsely reported the incident as a car-to-car shooting.

    Investigators say there was never a suburban on Highway 67 that morning that unexpectedly fired at Wright. During an interview with investigators Wednesday, Wright came clean and admitted to making the whole thing up.

    Wright is now facing several felony and misdemeanor charges including negligent discharge of a firearm, planting evidence, filing a false police report and vandalism.

    He’s also been fired from his job at Bravo Three Security. His employer says the company is shocked and disappointed by Wright’s actions, and they plan to pursue civil damages.

    Wrights employer says the security guard was a well-liked, trusted employee who passed all training, background checks and firearm qualifications without a hitch. That’s what baffles them most about this case.

    Sgt. Scott Enyeart of the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department says he’s just as baffled over this bizarre case.

    “We don’t get these types of cases very often at all. Security guards are not normally the targets of this type of incident,” he said.

    Sgt. Enyeart said the motive for Wright's elaborate shooting hoax is unknown.

    Investigators say the only excuse Wright gave to deputies was that “he was looking for a way out of the security business.”

    Investigators say they’re now looking into the other shooting reported by Wright back in February to see if that incident was also fabricated.

    Wright was arrested on Friday, April 26 and booked into Central Jail on felony charges. His bail was set to $20,000.