Consumers Confused by Heath Care Bill

Should you drop your coverage?

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    Many people are confused about how the new health care bill will impact their insurance coverage.

    Liz Agle is afraid of the new health care bill. 

    "What will happen?  No clue," said the mother of two boys with another on the way.  Right now Liz says her family is covered by her husband's insurance from work, but will the change impact her own coverage?

    "I don't know," said Agle.  And Liz is not alone.  It seems everyone from families to health care officials are not sure how the changes will shake down.

    Joy Wemhaner is president of Access Health Insurance Services is San Marcos, she sells health insurance and isn't sure what to tell people about the changes.  "Everyone is coming to us as agents and we're still trying to figure out the answers," said Wemhaner.

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    One thing she knows, is people should not make drastic changes to their health insurance until more it known. 

    "I definitely would not cancel coverage right now," said Wemhaner, "I would definitely keep things status quo until we have other options available."

    So those questions of costs and changes in your coverage are still unclear.

    According to experts, Agle shouldn't have to worry. Families receiving coverage through their employer should see little change from the new health care bill.

    The best advice is to go with what you have currently. Don't change your coverage thinking you'll be covered by some sort of government option.

    Remember some of the changes in the bill don't take effect for two to three years.