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From Disney to Cal Expo: Iconic California Sign Goes Up

The mondo letters front the Sacramento destination, just in time for the state fair.



    Remember the giant letters that spelled "California," the ones in front of Disney California Adventure? They're now in place in front of Sacramento's Cal Expo.

    TEN LETTERS TALL: It's easy to have a lot of pride in California for various reasons -- naysayers may want to say nay, but we'll sweetly smile and invite them to come spend a day at Big Sur or the redwoods and then see if their naying has ceased -- and a big reason is the name. It's poetic, it's mellifluous, and it springs from a land of plenty found in a long ago book (thank the early explorers for bestowing the name upon the state). But here's something else nice: It looks really good when it is very, very large. Exhibit A? The ten-letter welcome that was found in front of Disney California Adventure in Anaheim for many years. The C and the A and the L and the I all stood tall and colorful, and if a minute passed without someone posing for a snapshot in front of the sign, well, it was a rare minute, indeed. But with the major redo of the theme park over the last several years, the front got a new look, too. Meaning? The letters came down. But a bit of good news arrived early last summer: Cal Expo in Sacramento would be the worthy beneficiary. And, truly, is there a better place for the iconic, seen-in-a-thousand-photos CALIFORNIA sign thank in front of the place where our state fair takes place?

    THE LETTERS GO UP: Now, just over a year after the announcement, the CALIFORNIA sign was been installed on Monday, July 1 in front of the state fair's longtime home. Nice time, too; the installation came just in time for this year's extravaganza, which opens on Friday, July 12. Want to see a peek at the installation and where those letter stand now? You can.