Terranea Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deal

Eager for a winter's stay near some of SoCal's prettiest bluffs?

SHOPPING'S BIG WEEKEND: There's an idea implicit in nearly every story one reads about Black Friday or its cousin Cyber Monday, whether the idea is blankly stated or not. We're not talking about the discounts and deals and where to find the hottest toy. We're talking about the qualities of happiness and moreover, relaxation. Isn't that what people are striving for on those two days, ultimately? They're out to get their holiday shopping done so they can take it easier in December. They're out to find products that can make things go smoother around the house. It isn't necessarily about what people are purchasing but rather what those purchases will do. With that in mind, we like it when a Black Friday-Cyber Monday deal cuts straight to that particular chase, because it is refreshing, and much-desired, when we can all get to the relaxation part.

TERRANEA RESORT: We're seeing more and more vacation-type discounts pop up alongside the traditional Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping outlets, and we think that is a good thing. Catching our eye today? Terranea Resort on the Palos Verdes Peninsula, about a half hour south of Los Angeles. Not only does it have a truly spectacular setting (we say "truly" there to emphasize we're not going all travel-brochure-y), but you can even see Catalina Island on a fine day. Total bonus.

NOW, ABOUT THAT DEAL: Here it is: Book a Terranea stay between Friday and Monday of Thanksgiving weekend (so Friday, Nov. 23 through Monday, Nov. 26) and get 35% off your stay. Your stay will need to be before the end of February, 2013. That's it. Well, there is fine print, as there usually is on solid deals, and you'll need the promotional code BLACKFRIDAY or CYBERMONDAY. 

That's how one cuts straight to the relaxing portion of the program over one of the most hectic weekends of the year.

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