Oceanside's Inaugural Valentine's Celebration

A 5K run and special hotel deals mark the mid-February festivities.

ELEVEN DAYS OF SWEETNESS: The truism that Valentine's Day should be every day holds a lot of water, or, if you prefer, chocolate and roses. We should be lovey to our partners and our relatives and our pals and the world at large pretty much every day of the year, when possible, but when it comes right down to it February 14 is just a single day made up of 24 fleeting hours. That said Oceanside lives the sunset-awesome, beach-snug life every day of the year, and is thus pretty proficient at stretching out the important stuff in life. (Ask an Oceansider when an ocean-pretty twilight was last enjoyed, and they'll likely answer back with a very recent date.) This stretching-out of life's little pleasures will become even more real during the second month of the year, when the community kicks off its first-ever Valentine's celebration. We were hesitant to add "Day" after Valentine's just then, because this thing is going to last for a full third of the month, from Feb. 5 right through to the 15th. And, no, it isn't all roses and hearts and dinners, but rather an array of go-outs and to-dos with a Valentine or at least upbeat, get-out-be-together theme (which feels pretty dang Valentine's-y to us, at least in spirit). So what's on tap for Oceanside's inaugural, eleven-day, everyone-Valentine's-up happening? Look for...

HOTEL DEALS... and a 5K run and a First Friday Art Walk to start it all up on Feb. 5 (yep, there's a love holiday theme to the event). On Monday, Feb. 8 Oceanside will offer ten gratis elopement ceremonies to military couples (in honor of neighbor Camp Pendleton) along with Elope to Oceanside and Vows from the Heart Ministries. And for those looking for a day-of to-do, there's the first-ever Oceanside Valentine 5K Run and Bike Ride on Valentine's Day proper. As for a stayover with a sweet touch or discount? The Holiday Inn Oceanside Marina, SpringHill Suites Marriott Oceanside, and North Coast Village all have tender add-ons or perks for Valentine's travelers to the area. An area, we don't need to add, which is as beachy as all get-out, a setting that lends itself very well to the hand-hold-iest, hug-one-more-time-iest holiday of the year. Where and when will you celebrate in early-to-mid-February around Oceanside? Start here, lovers.

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