Del Mar Village Summer Solstice

Sip something lovely while the sun goes down at an ocean-fronting festivity.

LONGEST DAY, LANGUID TIMES: No one would sniff or look down at their nose or poo-poo how other places beyond California celebrate the planet's nearest star on the occasion of its biggest humanmade holiday, Summer Solstice. Loads of locations throw lovely parties in honor of the sun, and the warm weather, and the extra daylight, and the joy of being outside (since Summer Solstice trades very much in the pleasures of al fresco pursuits). But the Golden State does, after all, have "golden" in its very name, and while that's in large part due to the sparkly stuff in the ground, it also is because we're pretty ray-enriched 'round here. We've always got a touch of the Summer Solstice spirit, in short, regardless of the time of year (okay, maybe not on chilly, foggy February mornings, but we keep the sunshine in our hearts). So when an actual party rolls around near June 21, the official date of the solstice, and it has "Summer Solstice" in its name, and it takes place at  fine ocean-nice spot, which is perfect for watching a sunset, you almost have to grab it. And people do celebrate solsticely, from Santa Barbara's mondo parade to Del Mar, which is throwing a wine and food and music and social confab a few days ahead of the holiday. It's...

THE DEL MAR VILLAGE SUMMER SOLSTICE... and it brings the bash to Powerhouse Park, which is not all that far from the waves of another P-named thing, the Pacific. "California's best wineries and breweries" make a showing at the Thursday, June 18 confab, as well as regional makers of delicious foodstuffs including Bull Taco, Zel's Del Mar, Jake's Del Mar, Sbicca, and Ocean View Bar and Grill. The beneficiary is the Del Mar Village Association, and you benefit by getting in deeper with Del Mar's dining options. Only ever stick to one or two places while you're through town? This is your edible education night. Mostly, though, you should find a chilled glass of Chardonnay, that unofficial drink of a 21+ summer, and raise it to the big ball of fire setting to the west. For while a sunshiny holiday only officially comes around but once a year for most places, for we ocean-facing West Coasters acting like every day is the longest, most languid day of the year is sometimes a way of life.

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