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A Brand New Decade

The party was sold out



    A Brand New Decade

    There’s a reason the VAVi New Years Eve party at the Catamaran Resort in Pacific Beach has sold out two years in a row.

    The party had it all: Glamour, dancing and plenty of champagne to go around. Over 1,200 people rang in the New Year at the resort, enjoying multiple levels of dancing, food and unlimited drinks. VAVi Sport and Social Club has been making an effort to throw more “social” events so people in San Diego can get out and meet new friends.

    “We do sports leagues all around town,” Keith Cunningham with VAVi said, “Every once in a while we want to do a big social event, what better time to do it than New Years Eve?”

    The typically laid back and tropical resort was dressed up for a Vegas style party.

    A Year of Scandals

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    “Catamaran is the ideal resort for us, because there are so many people, especially in our demographic, that live in Pacific Beach, in Ocean Beach, in the beach areas, they don’t want to travel downtown,” Cunningham said.

    The party-goers had an array of favorite moments from the past year, from celebrity scandals to personal triumphs, but everyone seemed focused on their resolutions and things to come.

    “It’s a new decade, a new chance to do something you’ve never done before,” Ed Hammer said.

    Huge Plans for 2010

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    Bethany Gaffney had more specific plans, “I’m looking forward to learning how to scuba dive and possibly swing dancing,” she said.

    After selling out the party for the second year in a row, the folks and VAVi have big plans for 2010. Keith Cunningham said it’s going to be all about expanding and getting more adults in San Diego out of the house.

    “What we are going to be focusing more on are corporate events, corporate tournaments, corporate wellness and definitely going to be expanding our sports leagues, moving into the south bay, moving a little bit more up into the north county.”

    A Smashing Good Time

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