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10/17, Quick, Get Your Chef Hat!

Spend your Sunday cooking like a pro.



    10/17, Quick, Get Your Chef Hat!
    Martha Sarno, Sarno Photography
    Nacional 27's BBQ'd Lamb Tiny Tacos
    What's in it? We season and slow braise the lamb shoulder for 12 hours, then mix the lamb with a homemade blue agave barbecue sauce, jicama and carrot. Then we fill some mini taquito shells with the lamb filling and place it on a cool bed of guacamole. The homemade barbecue sauce has ancho pepper, chipotle pepper, guajillo pepper, vinegar, hoisen and blue agave syrup. The tacos are garnished with a little chopped cilantro.
    Suggested Pairing: "I would recommend the richly balanced El Corazon Margarita (Corzo Silver tequila, pomegranate, passion fruit, blood orange and a kosher salt and tellicherry pepper rim, $14) or a bold red wine from Spain." -- Bar Chef Adam Seger
    How much is it? $3.95
    Chef Tim Hockett says: "This dish is a playful, tasty version of traditional lamb barbacoa found in Mexico. It combines the spicy lamb with a crunchy taquito shell, cool guacamole and a sweet barbecue sauce, making for a great appetizer."
    Nacional 27, 325 W. Huron, 312-664-2727 VIEW DINNER MENU