• Immigration Sep 19

    More Migrant Women Say They Didn't OK Surgery in Detention

    An Associated Press review of medical records for four detained immigrant women and interviews with lawyers have revealed growing allegations that a gynecologist performed surgeries and other procedures that the women never sought or didn’t fully understand

  • Homeland Security Department Sep 16

    Democrats to Investigate Forced Surgery Claims in Georgia

    Leading congressional Democrats are reacting furiously to lightly-substantiated claims that immigrants held at a detention center in Georgia are undergoing questionable hysterectomies

  • Department of State Sep 26, 2019

    American Asylum Pact With Honduras Seals ‘Northern Triangle'

    The Trump administration signed a deal Wednesday with a third Central American country that would effectively seal off the region, preventing asylum-seekers traveling through from entering the United States. The latest agreement, signed on the sidelines of the U.N. General Assembly, paves the way to send asylum-seekers to Honduras, one of the world’s most violent countries, like its neighbors. A...

  • DONALD TRUMP Jul 13, 2019

    Dems, Republicans Air Warring Views on Migrants' Conditions

    Four House Democratic freshmen who recently toured detention stations for migrants along the Texas border told a House committee Friday of jam-packed, fetid holding areas “in front of the American flag” and accused President Donald Trump of intentional cruelty to discourage future arrivals. Firing back, a quartet of Republicans from border states told the same panel that Democrats weren’t doing...

  • NBC Jul 7, 2019

    Acting Homeland Security Secretary Defends Border Conditions

    Acting Homeland Security Secretary Kevin McAleenan on Sunday defended conditions at U.S. Border Patrol stations following reports of crowded and unsanitary conditions that have heightened debate about President Donald Trump’s immigration policy, a trademark issue for his re-election campaign.

  • NBC Jul 7, 2019

    Acting Homeland Security Secretary Defends Border Conditions

    Acting Homeland Security Secretary Kevin McAleenan on Sunday defended conditions at U.S. Border Patrol stations following reports of crowded and unsanitary conditions that have heightened debate about President Donald Trump’s immigration policy, a trademark issue for his re-election campaign.

  • Facebook Jul 4, 2019

    Dems Train Fire on Administration's Handling of Migrants

    Democrats pivoted Wednesday from a divisive fight over a border bill to what they label the government’s “willful neglect” and “callous” treatment of thousands of detained migrants, even as President Donald Trump defended Border Patrol agents and said many people being held “are living far better now than where they came from.” Democratic outrage was fueled by lawmakers who reported...

  • DONALD TRUMP Jun 4, 2019

    Congress Finally Sends $19B Disaster Aid Bill to Trump

    A long-delayed $19.1 billion disaster aid bill sailed through the House on Monday and headed to President Donald Trump for his expected signature, overcoming months of infighting, misjudgment and a feud between Trump and congressional Democrats. Lawmakers gave the measure final congressional approval by 354-58 in the House’s first significant action after returning from a 10-day recess.

  • DONALD TRUMP May 31, 2019

    Record Flooding in Arkansas Causes Levee Breach

    A levee along the Arkansas River has breached, prompting a flash flood warning and evacuation of a rural area in western Arkansas. Emergency officials have recommended that about 160 homes be evacuated.

  • CONGRESS May 12, 2019

    Shanahan Says Military Won't Leave Until Border Is Secure

    Acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan visited a border city in Texas on Saturday and said he intends to accelerate planning to secure the border and bolster the administration’s ability to accomplish that without the Pentagon’s continuous help. He also offered assurances to perhaps two dozen Border Patrol agents and other officials at the McAllen Border Patrol Station that the Pentagon...

  • California Feb 14, 2019

    FEMA Head Brock Long, Investigated Over Vehicle Use, Resigns

    The head of the Federal Emergency Management Agency resigned Wednesday after a two-year tenure in which he managed the response to historic wildfires and major hurricanes but was dogged by questions over his use of government vehicles. Brock Long said in a letter to FEMA employees that he was resigning to spend more time at home with his family. His...

  • DONALD TRUMP Oct 9, 2018

    New Law Requires Audit of Failed FEMA Hurricane Contracts

    A new law requires the Federal Emergency Management Agency to investigate how it came to award Hurricane Maria relief contracts to a company with an unproven record.

  • California Sep 22, 2018

    FEMA Chief Misused Cars, But Will Keep Job: DHS Secretary

    The head of the federal disaster response agency used government vehicles without proper authorization, but will not lose his job over it, Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen said Friday. Federal Emergency Management Agency Administrator William “Brock” Long had been under investigation by the Homeland Security Department’s watchdog over possibly misusing government vehicles to travel to his home in Hickory, North...

  • DONALD TRUMP Sep 4, 2018

    Election Security Bill Backers Say Delay Helps Russia

    Just two months before the midterm elections, bipartisan legislation to try to prevent foreign hacking into U.S. election systems is stalled in Congress as the White House and some Republicans worry it could exert too much federal control over the states. Supporters of the bill say the delay could embolden Russia, which targeted election infrastructure in at least 21 states...

  • DONALD TRUMP Aug 13, 2018

    State Election Systems Still Waiting for Security Checkups

    With the midterm congressional primaries about to go into full swing, the Department of Homeland Security is playing catch-up in helping to ensure that state election systems are secure against cybertampering by the Russians or others bent on mischief.

  • Facebook Aug 10, 2018

    Texas Lockup Is Epicenter of Family Immigration Detention

    A little boy with closely cropped hair was sitting quietly and grinning when he suddenly sprang to his feet and tried to swipe a brownie off a nearby tray. He couldn’t quite reach it, though, instead sending crumbs and napkins in all directions and eliciting happy squeals from two children nearby. It’s a scene that could play out in elementary...

  • DONALD TRUMP Jul 31, 2018

    Trump Says He's ‘Willing to Shut Down Government' Over Border Security

    Unnerving fellow Republicans, President Donald Trump declared Monday he would have “no problem” shutting down the federal government this fall if Congress won’t come up with more money for border security. Trump’s threat, his second in two days, put him further at odds with his own party in Congress, where many Republicans are facing tough re-election fights this November. A...

  • DONALD TRUMP Jul 26, 2018

    DHS Chief Asserts Family Reunifications on Track: Lawmakers

    The chief of the Homeland Security Department has told members of Congress that the government is “on track” to meet Thursday’s court-ordered deadline of reuniting hundreds of migrant children with their families, lawmakers who met privately with her said.

  • DONALD TRUMP Jun 28, 2018

    House Defeats GOP Immigration Bill Despite Last-Minute Trump Support

    The Republican-led House resoundingly rejected a far-ranging immigration bill on Wednesday despite an eleventh-hour endorsement by President Donald Trump, as the gulf between the GOP’s moderate and conservative wings proved too deep for leaders to avert an election-year display of division....
    The bill was killed 301-121, with nearly half of Republicans opposing the measure. The depth of GOP opposition was an...

  • DONALD TRUMP Jun 16, 2018

    White House: Trump Supports GOP Leaders' Immigration Bill

    President Donald Trump ignited eleventh-hour confusion Friday over Republican efforts to push immigration legislation through the House, saying he wouldn’t sign a “moderate” package. The White House later walked back the comments, formally endorsing the measure and saying Trump had been confused....
    The campaign-season tumult erupted as GOP leaders put finishing touches on a pair of Republican bills: a hard-right proposal...

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