Where's the Love, Pearl Jam?

Pearl Jam's 2016 national tour doesn't come farther west than Chicago

Maybe you’ve noticed that San Diego has been getting snubbed by kind of a lot of tour announcements lately. It’s like, what, our stadiums aren’t good enough for you? They aren’t big enough? You want us to build you your own stadium right in downtown -- oh, wait. Wrong snub topic. Refocus.

Adele! What up, girl? We want just one of your six L.A. shows to come our way. And AC/DC, skipping California all together? ...Well, whatever. But Pearl Jam?! This is getting to be too much.

The Seattle-bred rock group, which includes three former San Diegans, recently announced their 2016 national tour, which runs April through August and includes a stop at Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival, but it doesn’t come farther west than Chicago. Cool, bros. Does that mean we’ll see you in the fall? Is that Eddie Vedder’s fave San Diego season? Then tell us. We can’t take the wait.

We’re especially eager to get a slice of this tour since $3 of every ticket sold goes to a cause: the Vitalogy Foundation. Founded a decade ago by Pearl Jam and their manager, the nonprofit works in community health, the environment, arts and education and social justice.

It could just be that PJ is still recovering from their last show here in 2013, when they ruled the stage (and our hearts) for nearly three and a half hours at Viejas Arena, playing 34 songs throughout their set and double encore. But we are insatiable! We want MORE. So please, Pearl Jam powers that be, if and when you do announce a West Coast leg of this tour, include us. We could use a little love right now.

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