Vanessa Zamora Debuts ‘Te Quiero Olvidar’

Tijuana's latest indie "it girl," Vanessa Zamora, premieres a bittersweet music video, "Te Quiero Olvidar"

Vanessa Zamora
Vaness Zamora

Earlier this month, Vanessa Zamora premiered the music video of "Te Quiero Olvidar," the second single off Hasta la Fantasia.

In the clip, the Tijuana-born and -raised (now living in Guadalajara) singer/songwriter stars as a young woman dealing with loss of her lover, who is played by actor Dario Zuniga. The bittersweet, melodic song is about the mental dynamic of loss and love. This feeling is captured well in the simple video. Anyone who has dealt with heartbreak and loss knows all too well the sanctuary of one's own bedroom, which is where the video is primarily shot in. Zamora's quiet but touching lyrics and soothing repetition of "na-na-na-na" are heard loud and clear.

"The video shows my interpretation of the hardship of wanting to forget to someone," Zamora wrote on her Facebook page. "Memories that come and go, they go away and return, but in the end, everything stays in memory."

Prior to the release of the official music video, Zamora, 22, held a lyric video competition for the same song. On April 22, she announced that Victor Aguila of Honduras was the winner. The video director then posted on YouTube, "Thank you, Vanessa. So happy to have participated and give my vision to your beautiful song."

Watch Vanessa Zamora's "Te Quiero Olvidar" here.

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