Dani Bell Pairs Nicely with Low Volts on ‘Summer Wine'

Dani Bell and Low Volts
Dani Bell and Low Volts

“You know, we live together, we love each other,” starts Tim Lowman, aka Low Volts, when discussing his recent collaboration with partner Dani Bell, who fronts the Dani Bell & the Tarantist and Boychick projects. The pair recently covered a Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood classic, “Summer Wine,” which they shared on social media over the weekend.

“It's wild, because we're so busy with our own projects that we haven't been able to collaborate together," Lowman added. "Dani's so quick. She's so amazing -- how she can learn a song, record the parts — she recorded all the parts, she recorded everything in there, all the instruments ... that's all her. She just had me sit down and record the vocals. It's super-rad that we can take the downtime to record together.”

Why choose a Sinatra/Hazelwood cover?

“We love all that stuff they did together back in the day," Lowman said. "It's just so cool sounding.... Their dynamic is sweet and rough; it kind of lent itself to what we like to do.”

Lowman passes the phone to Bell because “she's the brains behind this whole operation,” he says with a laugh.

So how long does recording a track like that take, I wonder aloud.

“I kinda worked on it a little bit here and there for a day, and then the next day we recorded all the vocals," Bell said. "But it didn't take too long.... I started out with that little Suzuki Omnichord [synthesizer], and all the tones just kinda brought everything together, then I just kept it simple on guitar. I have the Rhythm King Drum Machine app in my phone, so I just played the drum machine on there.”

The track is phenomenal and yet another demonstration of the incredible talent we have in San Diego. While we self-quarantine and social distance, we can look to these local artists to expand our music appreciation in whole new ways.

Check out the track here.

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