8 Top Music Videos of 2015

We take a look at eight of the best San Diego music videos of 2015

Here at SoundDiego, we're privvy to San Diego's finest music videos -- mainly because we feature a boatload of them on our TV show throughout the year. Truth be told, we saw some of the best ever in 2015. While live videos shot on iPhones and at shows are fun and all, we have a particularly soft spot for professionally produced mini-films -- and with that in mind, we'd like to highlight just a few of our favorite videos over the course of the last year. Of course, there are a ton more out there deserving of high praise, so if you think of one (or several) that needs to be featured, let us know in the comments.

  • Botanica Chango, "BB & the Beat": The free spirits in the experimental/soul/rock/funk band Botanica Chango proved they are more than just oddball gimmicks with their great debut record, "Britney," and its lead-off single, "BB & the Beat" -- which features fellow weirdo Gary Wilson and the incomparable Lady Dottie. [Watch the video or buy/listen to their new album]
  • Erik Canzona & the Narrows, "Your Plan": Who knew that Erik Canzona, frontman of the Heavy Guilt (are they done now or what?), was so expertly sinister? The experimental indie-rock singer plays up the creep factor in "Your Plan" so well that we're definitely never going bowling with him anytime soon. [Watch the video or buy/listen to his debut album]
  • Grizzly Business, "Rich Girls": The lads in Grizzly Business know how to have fun, and that's apparent in their video for "Rich Girls" -- where they're replaced by four women and frontman Walter Ayllon trades his guitar and microphone to become a Wayfarers-rocking, tacky-blazer-wearing band manager schmuck. Great stuff. [Watch the video or buy/listen to their 2015 self-titled EP]
  • Hills Like Elephants, "Misquote": One of our favorite San Diego bands ever, Hills Like Elephants hit the old Thrift Trader location on Iowa Street for both some used-record shopping and a horror-movie style bloodbath in this San Diego Music Award-nominated video. Of course, we'd be remiss if we didn't mention SoundDiego videographer Eric Casas was the man behind the camera for this one -- so you know it's good. And even though technically it came out in December 2014, who's really keeping track? [Watch the video or buy/listen to the band's latest EP, "Tell Tales"]
  • Inspired and the Sleep, "In My Labyrinth Mind": Inspired and the Sleep have been riding a huge wave of publicity recently after churning out several excellent videos over the last few months for the songs on their rad new EP, "Eyelid Kid." "In My Labyrinth Mind" has a slight "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" feel to it (which is awesome), and it also happens to be one of our favorite songs of 2015 -- one of those times when the visual matches the audio perfectly. [Watch the video or buy/listen to their new EP]
  • The Palace Ballroom, "Descender": This year saw the Palace Ballroom (featuring the Local 949's host Timothy Joseph) release their sophomore self-titled album, along with videos for each of its eight songs. Our favorite features TJ driving around San Diego in a beautiful black Dodge Dart, with scenes of regret reenacted in his rear-view mirror while he sings lines like, "So much for penitence." A must see. [Watch the video or buy/listen to their new album]
  • PRGRM, "Leipzig": PRGRM traveled to the barren and scenic Salton Sea for the perfect video accompaniment for their post-apocalyptic, electro/rock sound. One question (and spoiler alert): Who's that creepy guy at the end? Maybe it's time for a sequel. [Watch the video or buy/listen to their new record, "Eavesdropper"]
  • The Soaks, "I Think I'm Losing My Mind": We have a soft spot for animation, and when it involves one of our favorite local garage-rock bands ever -- ahem, the Soaks -- we couldn't help but watch it a couple (hundred) times. Love this. [Watch the video or buy/listen to their self-titled debut

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