The Geezer Bandit now has a price on his head: $16,000.

San Diego's oldest bank robber stuck up a Bank of America near the intersection of Girard Avenue and Kline Street on Monday night, according to the FBI. The feds believe the 70-something crook is responsible for at least four other bank robberies, and announced three rewards for information leading to his arrest and capture totaling $16,000.

The robber walked into the Bank of America at about 7 p.m. Monday, showed a gun to the teller, then demanded cash, according to police. Witnesses said he fled on foot afterward.

Somehow, "fled" seems like too active a verb for this particular gunman. Nevertheless, the FBI says the Geezer Bandit, as they've dubbed him, should be considered armed and dangerous. (We preferred Grandpa Bandit, but whatever.)

Authorities did not release how much money the man got away with in the robbery.

Witnesses said the man who committed the robbery on Monday was 6 feet 2 inches tall, had long hair, and was wearing a baseball cap, blue blazer and several layers of clothing.

Previously, the FBI said the holdup man, who they believe is between 5 feet 10 and 6 feet 3, is responsible for stickups at four other banks in Rancho Santa Fe, Santee, La Jolla and Carmel Mountain Ranch.  He  was seen carrying an oxygen tank during some of the robberies.

Anyone with information about the robberies is being urged to contact the FBI at 858-565-1255 or CrimeStoppers at 888-580-TIPS. 

There have been a slew of bizarre bank robberies recently, including a series allegedly involving a Poway mom in a minivan and another that also allegedly involved an elderly man.

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