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Gender Reassignment Surgery Saves Puppy

Red the "very adoptable dog" is recovering after gender reassignment surgery



    Red the Pomeranian puppy is recovering after a gender reassignment surgery saved the dog from euthanasia.

    According to a report in the Press-Enterprise, the dog was born with partially formed male and female reproductive organs. It's a rare condition among dogs.

    But thanks to a woman's donation of more than $1,100, Red was able to undergo a life-saving gender reassignment surgery.

    "I just felt he was a very adoptable dog," Sharon Blechinger, director of the Helping Every Animal League, told the Press-Enterprise.

    She paid for the surgery after Red was found roaming the streets in San Bernardino.

    According to the PE's report:

    Ryan Long, a kennel supervisor at the shelter, described the dog as bright, alert and responsive when he first examined him. But he said upon examination, Red did not look anatomically correct.

    Di Carlo diagnosed the dog as a pseudo-male hermaphrodite. Genetically male, the pooch was born with partially formed male and female parts.

    Shelter workers then contacted Blechinger, who arranged for a foster home for Red and paid for his surgery.

    Red moved in with a woman whose Pomeranian died in June, the PE reported. The dog is now recovering at a temporary home.