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Burglary 101: Don't Get Stuck

Dumb move #1: Getting stuck. Dumb move #2: Not removing the evidence.



    Burglary 101: Don't Get Stuck

    He’s certainly not Santa and it wasn’t a chimney, but the imagery is somewhat familiar.

    An alleged burglar decided the ceiling could be the best point of entry into the former North Park Inn, which was under construction on University Avenue – until he got stuck.

    In the video, you can see his feet poke through the ceiling, followed by his legs, which start to kick frantically.

    "He got his feet through, and he couldn't get the rest of his body through, because his mid-section, I think, was bigger than his legs,"  construction worker Adam Boyte said.

    Crook Gets Stuck

    [DGO] Crook Gets Stuck
    He's certainly not Santa and it wasn't a chimney, but the imagery is sure familiar.
    (Published Thursday, Dec. 3, 2009)

    His hips wiggle a little before he finds a wall with his feet and tries to force himself out. When that doesn’t work, he goes for a chair, which he kicks over.

    Apparently he didn’t need it.

    The suspect managed to wriggle free and fall to the ground – sans sweater, which he put back on before he went about his business.

    He grabbed a large bag and started filling it up with loot, before finding the surveillance camera that captured his troubled entrance. He ripped out the modem, took the camera, but left the computer.

    Dumb move # 2.

    "For him to think that just by taking the camera away, he can take all the evidence of him having been there away, that was pretty funny, too," San Diego police spokesperson Mónica Muñoz said.

    Funny -- but still a crime. So they are still looking for the guy.

    He’s described as wearing a light colored sweatshirt, dark pants with a light colored stripe running across the back and down both legs and white sneakers.