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Getting Connected at CES



    Jan. 5, 1:18 p.m.:

    Who isn't connected these days -- and, more than that, what isn't connected?
    The Consumer Electronics Show opening in Las Vegas will prove that almost anything can be connected to the Internet. Jim Barry with the Consumer Electronics Association said attendees can expect to see everything from TVs to washing machines connected to the web.
    Late last year, Sony unveiled its partnership with Google on Google TV. With a remote that looks more like a video-game controller, you can watch television and surf the net, all at the same time on the same screen. The Vegas show will surely highlight more interconnected sets from dozens of manufacturers.
    In past years, LG has been experimenting with computer screens built into refrigerator doors. Now, manufacturers are looking for ways to connect nearly every household appliance to the net. You'll be able to call your dishwasher or coffee maker no matter where you are. 

    How comforting.