Zip It!

Zipping down the mountain at Big Bear latest craze for thrill seekers

It's a bird - no it's a plane - no it's you flying down the mountain - literally, "flying" down the mountain 90 feet above the ground.  It's the latest craze for the crowd that likes jumping out of a perfectly good airplane (skydiving) or scaling the nearest mountain with nothing between you and the ground but a lot of empty air.

It's called zip lining and it's located in the middle of the Forest up at Big Bear Lake.  Zip lining is you attached to a long, suspended cable as it "zip" high above the earth from one point to another.  There are five of these launch pads at Big Bear, their official name is: "Flying Bear Zip Lines".  The highest on the 5-station tour is 90 feet high and the longest runs 600 feet.

Cost for three rides is $65 or $85 for five zips down the mountain.  For more information check out this link.

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