Stanley Cup's fate depends on Tyrannosaurus eating an octopus

Last week, Pittsburgh Sports and Mini-Ponies blogged about Creation Rex*, The Art Institute of Pittsburgh's dinosaur statue that was all dolled up in Pittsburgh Penguins gear and a playoff beard; munching on an octopus before Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Final.

Result? The Penguins sweep the Detroit Red Wings on home ice to tie the series.

Turns out that along with being a die-hard Penguins fan, Creation Rex is also a blogger**. And as he writes today, it would appear that, with the series tied, someone swiped his octopus from his jaws, thus transferring the mojo back to the Red Wings.

Result, as Rex blogged today? "This explains why the Pens lost and lost so miserably."


So we can argue all we'd like about goaltending and last changes and Conn Smythe candidates and special teams and Marian Hossa's comeuppance. The Stanley Cup will either stay with Detroit or belong to Pittsburgh based on whether or not a statue of a dinosaur has a plush cephalopod in its jaws by the drop of the puck for Games 6 and (potentially) 7.

OK, or whether Dan Bylsma eats a lucky burrito. One of the two. 

* The fact that this is our second story of the postseason in which a dinosaur is wearing home team swag makes our inner Jurassic Park freak smile.

** Making Rex the second most famous dinosaur blogger after Stan Fischler.

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