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One of the topics of conversation last night after the Penguins/Capitals mess was which of tonight's Game Sevens had the greater potential for blowout city.

The majority opinion was the Carolina Hurricanes getting routed by the Boston Bruins, by virtue of the fact that the B's have been playing well and with emotion. (And based on Bruins Blog's NHL 09 simulation, of course.) But there was also the thought that the Detroit Red Wings could score early and often against the Anaheim Ducks, using the nastiness at the end of Game 6 as motivation.

Then again, both the Ducks and the Hurricanes are built for these kinds of road games: Gritty play, tough defense, solid goalies. And it's not as if road teams haven't found success in elimination games this postseason. 

We'll be live-blogging both games beginning at 7 p.m. ET, featuring Wyshynski keeping an eye on Center Ice, Leahy gloating about the Penguins and the second helping of Mr. Matt Sussman, a nomadic minstrel who occasionally bathes and can be seen at Deadspin, Blogcritics, and the Toledo Free Press.

Join us, won't you? And as always, please do tell a friend and bring the funny.

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