Jack Edwards hockey bingo: For the cliché lover in you

Leahy has called Jack Edwards of NESN "Puck Daddy's favorite homer announcer," and that is true in the sense that Edwards is in fact an announcer for the Boston Bruins and a total homer.

His colloquialisms are sometimes too distracting, and his hysterical (in every meaning of the word) fight calls can both elevate a brawl to near-mythic levels or make "THAT'LL TEACH YOU TO RUN KEN CARROLL!" seem like quaint subtlety by comparison.

That said, there's a cult that's formed around Edwards's act both in Boston and around the NHL, thanks to YouTube and Center Ice. Seeking to capitalize on this, NESN has decided to create its own Jack Edwards Bingo Cards that fans can download from the network's Web site

Bruins fans, get in the game with Jack Bingo. Here's your chance to play along at home with your favorite NHL play-by-play man, Jack Edwards. Just print out one of the four Jack Bingo cards below. Every time you hear Jack utter one of his signature phrases during a Bruins broadcast on NESN, mark off that box on your card. We'll play along throughout every Bruins game night, too.

According to Hub Hockey, which had the NESN link, Bruins fans have been playing Jack Edwards Bingo for most of the season thanks to a card created on a B's message board. Sort of a bummer that the fan-created card and the corporate card are identical; Edwards has added to the repertoire since then:

Edwards himself has mentioned the card on the air before. The folks at Hub Hockey have heard there might be a Jack Edwards Bingo feature on the air tonight before the Florida Panthers play the Bruins. Hopefully, the fans get their due.

Any other announcers who deserve this honor? More to the point: Why does a Web search for Mike Lange Bingo return zero results? Besides the fact that the card would have to be the size of the Rose Bowl.

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