LISTEN: On Friar Podcast – A Padres/Super Bowl Crossover With the Football Night Guys

What is Tom Brady serving at his Super Bowl party? Who's the NFL's version of Fernando Tatis Jr.? And what's it like for players during a lockout? The guys offer insight on all that and much more.

Greg Camarillo and Rich Ohrnberger from Football Night in San Diego help us gear up for the Super Bowl, while weighing in on some Padres topics.

Derek and Darnay ask them about playing in big games, and what it's like watching them after you're retired. Both guys were in the NFL during the 2011 NFL Lockout, they share their insight on what this time is like for baseball players. Greg and Rich would love to see A.J. Brown in a Padres uniform. Who are NFL's versions of big name Padres? They give comps for Tatis, Hosmer, Machado and others. Greg wonders if wins as a stat apply more to quarterbacks or starting pitchers.

They share their perspective on Eric Weddle's comeback, before offering up some Super Bolw LVI predictions.

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