Kicking it With VAVi


Playground antics, live music and real competition ruled the day.

“We just came down to San Diego to have a good time, play some kickball and hang out,” said Matthew Gutensohn from Huntington Beach.

VAVi hosted its 3rd National Kickball Tournament at NTC Park Saturday. In case you’ve never been, VAVi calls it one of the biggest, most ridiculous, most inappropriate kickball tournaments in the world.

“Everyone’s dressed up, it’s fun, it’s competition, it’s legit,” said Jamie Fox, who was dressed up as Rambo.

It’s an adult tournament and the biggest clue is the huge beer garden placed smack in the middle of the tournament.

“That’s the best part. After college, you have something to do still. A lot of times you won’t have a sport to play, or the same social interaction,” said Bill Marchesano.

Nicole Brors agreed.

“I’ve met almost all my friends in San Diego through VAVi sports,” she said.

The tournament had both competitive and non-competitive divisions.

Shannon Hoelzer was obviously in the competitive division.

“I have fun when I win. I’m just saying,” he said.

Teams in the competitive division played for cash prizes and the winner will have its team name etched on Vavi’s kickballs for the 2011 season.

The non-competitive division played for prizes like Padres tickets, watches, and spa treatments.

The tournament is put on every year by the Vavi Sport and Social Club, with proceeds benefiting a local charity. This year all profits from the beer garden will go towards the San Diego Friends of Park and Recreation Foundation (SDFPRF).

The SDFPRF was established to raise, distribute and assist in the management of public and private sector funds for enhancements to City of San Diego park facilities and recreation programs.

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