Steve Young Has Pro-Gay Marriage Signs in Front of His House

Gay marriage is a pretty hot topic in our country. And in San Francisco there is a Proposition 8 up for vote right now that would ban gay marriage. And, according to the local CBS affiliate, "Yes on 8!" -- a campaign against gay marriage for those that are confused already -- is being led by the Mormon church.

So, in theory, it would stand to reason that Steve Young, a San Fran resident and a Mormon, would not be supporting gay marriage. That reason would be wrong.

On Friday, there were also three Halloween-themed signs in Young's yard that also urged people to reject the gay marriage ban.

In addition, records show Young's wife, Barbara, has donated approximately $50,000 to the "No On 8" campaign aimed at defeating Proposition 8.

Steve Young, answering a doorbell ring at his home late Friday afternoon, declined to comment about the signs in his yard.

No huge surprise there -- his wife actually mentioned in an email to CBS that she was the one who was strongly against Proposition 8 for personal reasons and Steve was simply supporting her. (She feels approximately the opposite way that Jeff Kent's checkbook expresses emotion.)

That's not to say he feels one way or the other about it, which is actually fantastic. He's a public figure paid to give his opinions about sports, and it kind of behooves him to stay quiet about the whole issue. However, it is kind of fantastic that he's willing to support his wife in a cause that may or may not go against his religious beliefs and one that certainly thrusts him into the public spotlight.

H:T: Larry Brown

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