Start for Browns This Week

Although it's not yet up on the dot com, ESPN Primetime peeps Trey Wingo and Trent Dilfer are reporting that it's BRADY QUINN TIME!? in Cleveland. Yep, that's right, after head coach Romeo Crennel, during his weekly Monday presser, said that Derek Anderson was his starter "as of right now," something changed.

No idea what -- it's not like Anderson was noticeably worse against the Ravens than he had been for most of the 2008 season -- but now the World's Sexiest Backup has been promoted.

According to the fine folks at who pay attention to such stuff, the full-time job is still up for grabs, though there's a good chance Mr. Anderson will be hawking his wares in another NFL city come 2009, and the Browns will probably look to trade him.

Which means that those Matt Cassel-to-Detroit odds just got a lot longer.

You have to wonder if the Browns had long planned on giving Quinn his chance this week; the Broncos' defense is beyond embarrassing (Jim Colletto supports this message), and there isn't an easier game on the schedule to introduce a new quarterback.

It probably won't mean much for the fate of the 2008 squad -- they're 3-4 and face a pretty daunting second-half slate -- but maybe Don Banks was right: it'll give the organization a glimpse at what they'll have to work with heading into next season.

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