Norv Turner Says That Ed Hochuli's Mistake Is ‘Unacceptable', He Is, of Course, Right

We've already chronicled the blown call at the end of the San Diego and Denver game earlier today. It was a horrible botchjob of a call, and Ed Hochuli was dead wrong by blowing his whistle while Jay Cutler was busy fumbling the ball out of bounds.

And clearly Norv Turner, based on his postgame statements, completely agrees with me.

"It was clearly a fumble. Ed came over to me ... and said he blew it, and that to me is not acceptable."

Yeah, it was totally unacceptable. But in fairness to Hochuli, at least he had the stones to go up to Turner after the play and tell him that he blew the call.

That doesn't forgive the blown call by any means, and it certainly doesn't put the Chargers in a three way tie with the Broncos and Raiders for the AFC West lead.

However, what it does do is show what a good referee Hochuli is. It's easy to get teed off (see: my rant) about a poor call by a referee, but it's always refreshing to see someone in stripes actually own up to their mistakes.

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