NFL Playoff Picks: FanHouse's ‘Experts' Predict Divisional Round Results

Tom Mantzouranis

by Tom Mantzouranis

You know what they say about what opinions have in common with a certain portion of the human anatomy. In the case of "experts" and their NFL game prognostications, though, it's typically the "expert" that ends up looking like that proverbial body cavity. FanHouse is getting in on the fun with our '08 Playoff Picks.

Our first week of picks reveals one thing in that they're a lot like the NFL -- too much mediocrity. Yes, some wise soothsayers were revealed. Will Brinson and MDS went 4-0, while Chris Burke, Stephanie Stradley, and Bruce Ciskie went 3-1 (meanwhile, Ciskie should have gone 4-0, but he changed one pick so as not to parrot MDS. That's what you get for trying to be your own person, kids: FAIL. If your friends all jump off a bridge, you better be following them).

The rest of us, eh, the best I can say is that there are no Detroit Lions in this group. Let's hope some of the parity shakes out this week.

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