NFL FanHouse Midseason Midtacular: Worst Analysis: Joe Barry a Good Defensive Coach

NFL FanHouse Midseason Midtacular: because handing out awards at the halfway point in the season seemed like the right thing to do

Worst Media Analysis nominees:

Rachael Nichols interviewing Deanna Favre on ESPN's E:60, with the intention of making the viewers think that Deanna's careful tape analysis is what led to Brett's six-touchdown day against the Cardinals.

Peter King of Sports Illustrated writing that Lions defensive coordinator Joe Barry is "a good defensive coach." Because really, what says "good defensive coach" better than having two years as a defensive coordinator under your belt and leading the league in points allowed in both of those years?

Danyelle Sargent of Fox suggesting that 49ers coach Mike Singletary talked to Bill Walsh after becoming the 49ers' head coach -- even though Walsh has been dead for more than a year.

And the winner is...

Peter King. Peter works tirelessly on his 17 different jobs analyzing the NFL, so he's bound to say something dumb at some point. But to suggest that Joe Barry -- the man who draws up the game plans and calls the plays for one of the worst defenses any of us has ever seen -- is a good coach? That crosses the line.

Maybe Peter hadn't had his latte yet when he wrote that, but the truth is that Barry is a horrible defensive coach, and he wouldn't be a coordinator if he weren't married to the head coach's daughter.

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