Jared Allen Fined $50,000 for Trying to Remove Matt Schaub's Legs

Bruce Ciskie

by Bruce Ciskie

Sometimes, the NFL fines players who are simply playing hard, finishing hits, and doing the right thing.

Sometimes, the NFL fines players who are playing dirty.

We've seen cases of both this week. The fines of LaMarr Woodley and Justin Tuck are practically criminal, and the NFL should be ashamed of itself for taking such a ridiculous stand on those hits. Woodley was simply sacking the quarterback, and Tuck was finishing a legal hit on a guy who voluntarily left his feet before getting hit.

I mean, the words to describe this are not words I'm supposed to be using out loud. It's simply beyond stupid. So is Mike Periera's response where he demands silence from those his league is unjustly taking money from.

However, the league came much closer to getting the Jared Allen case right. The overpaid defensive end for the Vikings twice took shots at the knees of Houston quarterback Matt Schaub during Sunday's game. His price of $50,000 is only 0.16 percent of the $31 million he reportedly was guaranteed by the Vikings. But it's still a heavy fine by NFL standards, and one that probably leaves Allen one more transgression short of a one-game suspension.

Of course, none of this makes Matt Schaub'sknee any better.

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