In Shocking Development, Drew Stanton Doesn't Like Being Called an ‘Embarrassment'

Yesterday we learned that Lions offensive coordinator Jim Colletto had no plans to play backup quarterback Drew Stanton because he didn't want to "... embarrass the kid just to prove a point to somebody else." If only Colletto had taken such a stance with Dan Orlovsky.

Well, a day later, the second-year, second-round pick out of Michigan State who has earned the nickname "No Spiral" Stanton* isn't all that jazzed by his coach's comments.

"I don't know. Anytime you play for somebody who says they don't want you to go out there and embarrass yourself, obviously, you're not going to feel good about it. ... I can't worry about the words or the exact definition of what he's trying to say. You never really know unless I get a chance to get out there - maybe I won't embarrass myself, who knows?

That's a fair question, particularly given recent developments in the Great Moments in Lions Quarterbacking History. Plus, it's not like this is high school, where the third-string quarterback is captain of the Math Counts team and is just playing football to pad his Ivy League applications, it's the NFL. You know, the same league where the Bills start Trent Edwards, also a 2007 second-round pick.

And even if we assume that Stanton's abilities can best be described as "embarrassing," it'll just add to the legacy of Matt Millen and his keen sense for putting together an NFL roster.

Stanton did add that Colletto's entitled to his opinion, no matter how stupid**, before finishing with this: "If he thinks I embarrass myself when I go out there then that's what he believes. Ultimately, he's the offensive coordinator right now.''

Right now, indeed.

* not really; I made that up
** I added that, but I'm guessing it's pretty accurate

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