Cincy Bengals' Moral, Ticket Prices Reach All Time Low, Despite Getting Their First Win

I was rereading MJD's midseason Debriefing last night and he pointed out that the Bengals are pretty stacked in terms of skill position, um, skill. And it's true. Which makes their demise all the more sad, pathetic and embarrassing.

But, wait! There's more humiliation to come! See, despite the ineptitude of the Detroit Lions, they at least sell tickets to their games. The Bengals, on the other hand, couldn't even manage to inspire fans to scrounge up NINETY-NINE CENTS to bid on a set of club level tickets on eBay for the win over the Jaguars this past week.

And it's not just online either -- apparently the local scalpers are suffering too. (By the way, is scalping in Cincinnati the equivalent of being paparazzi in charge of covering Pauley Shore? Because that's about how clean I'd feel.)

Scalpers pretended they didn't know there'd been a buzz all week about just how cheap you could get a ticket. Asked how much for their tickets, they'd give you the face-value price. Until, of course, you started to walk away. Then it became:

"How much you lookin' to spend? How much you offerin'?"

And while, yes, the economy is hitting ticket brokers everywhere, let's not be overly excusable -- I probably wouldn't throw down a spare bone for a Bengals game either.

But hey, if you're looking to spend some coin and get there this week, the good news is that fans aren't even that excited about one win -- there's still three 50 yard line tickets for this Sunday's Eagles game available. And they only cost ONE PENNY. Good Lord this is getting sadder by the day.

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