Chargers PR:”Take a Chill Pill”

Bolts talk back

Monday’s loss against the Broncos has sent sports analysts and writer around the country into a tizzy.

ESPN went so far as to write an article titled, “The Chargers Pee Their Pants (Again).”

But, unlike other heartbreaking losses, the Chargers are not sitting back and just listening to the criticism. They’re responding.

Chargers director of public relations, Bill Johnston wrote an article on the Chargers’ website telling fans and writers alike to “take a chill pill.”

The question now becomes, what are fans truly upset about? Are they mad about one game, and one loss? Or are they upset because they feel like there is a trend starting and this last game was only a snapshot of the bigger problem?

Many players have chosen not only to own up to Monday’s defeat, but to also move forward and say they’re using the bye week to regroup and come back stronger.

Center Nick Hardwick addressed the fans specifically.

“You’ve got to love their passion,” Hardwick said. “They care about us and they want us to win. And that’s all you can ask for. Bring your passion to the game and some games it unfolds the way you want it to and some games it unfolds not how you want it to and that passion turns into something else. But nonetheless it’s passionate.”

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