Chargers Looking Left Against Bears

Left Tackle Auditions Continue Saturday Night


The Chargers exhibition season begins Saturday night against the Bears.  While the outcome means nothing, keeping Philip Rivers upright certainly does.  That's why the guys playing left tackle cannot treat this meaningless game as a meaningless game.

Talking to a few people who've spent every day at Chicago's training camp, the Bears have one heck of a pass rush this season.  That's what you'd expect from a unit that was already good, then added Julius Peppers and got Brian Urlacher back healthy.  While the Bears probably won't dial up any exotic blitzes, they have the talent to get pressure without getting cute.

Tyronne Green and ... well, I'm not entirely sure who else will be charged with protecting the blind sides of Rivers, Billy Volek and Jonathan Crompton.  Brandyn Dombrowski and Tra Thomas are both dinged up.  Dombrowski might play, but Thomas is definitely out.

But, let's look at this as a potential positive.  Maybe someone like Green gets a chance he never thought he would have had and turns into a Hall of Famer that anchors the Bolts line for a decade.  Stranger things have happened.

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