Chargers Accused of Keeping Public “In the Dark”

Chula Vista Mayor Cheryl Cox accused the Chargers of deliberately withholding crucial information from the city and keeping the public "in the dark" about a report on the feasibility of building a stadium on the South Bay city's waterfront, the reported.

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The statements came in a call Cox made to reporter Scott Lewis, after this post. And they followed a letter the mayor sent to the team making the same claims. All of it provoked an immediate -- and somewhat insulting -- response from the team deriding her and accusing her of not ever sincerely supporting the effort to help the team find a suitable alternative in the city, the reported.

Chargers' Special Counsel Mark Fabiani reportedly said the team did research the finances of a bay-front stadium and that it decided against writing a full report because it would have concluded such a deal was impossible in the current economic environment.

For the full story read the article "The Chargers' Cox Fight."

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