Chargers Want Your Money

Chargers fan or not, the team wants you to pay for some of their new stadium, according to a published report.

“It’s almost certainly going to involve some sort of taxpayer money,” Chargers special counsel Mark Fabiani reportedly said. “Now the question is: Can you say to the taxpayers you’re putting in this, but here’s what you’re getting back? And you know, it’s possible you can make that case.”

The team has claimed for years that it would build the stadium without using taxpayer money, the San Diego Union-Tribune reported.

Things change.

The city of San Diego has been talking to the Chargers about sites for the new football stadium.

Years ago, the city said it had bigger problems to tackle than a stadium deal. Since then, the Bolts have courted other area cities, including Chula Vista, Oceanside and, just recently, Escondido.

Now the San Diego mayor's office said it has "re-engaged" the Chargers and confirms that the team is looking at several downtown locations. One of those is apparently a site east of Petco Park where the Wonder Bread Bakery currently stands in the 100 block of 14th street.

Chargers spokesman Mark Fabiani said that the team has been speaking with the mayor's office since January. 

Some have speculated that the Chargers could bolt for the Los Angeles area city if a stadium deal were available.

For its part, the mayor's office has said that Sanders would support any fiscally responsible plan to keep the Chargers in the San Diego region.

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