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Why the Chargers Won't Go All the Way

Baltimore Ravens beat San Diego Chargers, 31-26



    Why the Chargers Won't Go All the Way
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    Is Norv Turner the Chargers weak link?

    You can’t win the Super Bowl if you’re a wimp, writes Chris Ello of 619Sports.net.

    Maybe you can win it without a quarterback, and maybe you can win it without a passing game (see: Griese, Bob and his six pass completions in Super Bowl VIII). A great defense never hurt anybody, but nobody’s ever going to confuse the 2005 Colts defense with the Steel Curtain or the '85 Bears. Nevertheless, they won a Super Bowl, too.

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    The point is, you don’t need to have the perfect team to win the championship of the National Football League.

    Now, to see why the San Diego Chargers will never win a Super Bowl, see this: 10 seconds remaining in the second quarter on Sunday, Chargers ball on the Baltimore Ravens five-yard line, third down and goal to go. And now see Norv Turner, the Chargers Nutty Professor of a coach, send in Nate Kaeding to kick a chip-shot 22-yard field goal.

    Now, try to see one last thing: Turner in Miami at the end of this 2009 season holding aloft the Vince Lombardi Trophy. Yeah, I didn’t think so ... I can’t see it, either.

    And the reason I can’t see it is because Norv Turner coaches like a wimp.

    Sure, there were a lot of reason why the Chargers fell, 31-26, to Baltimore on a sun-splashed Sunday afternoon at Qualcomm Stadium, but the No. 1 reason the Chargers awoke Monday morning with a record of 1-and-1 is that Norv Turner didn’t believe that his team could risk taking another shot at the end zone, despite the fact they had plenty of time to do so as the clock wound down before halftime.

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