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Stolen Chargers-Raiders Truck Found



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    The owners of a truck painted half-Chargers and half Raiders got something to cheer about on Thursday night.

    Their stolen truck has been found.

    "I was just so excited. I wanted to jump up and down,"said Emily Cuadra.  "But then I was scared, because I didn't know what kind of condition it was in."

    Emily Cuadra and her husband, Angel, live in their National City home with their three kids. They have been happily married for more than 15 years, despite a major disagreement. Emily is a Chargers fan, and Angel is a Raiders fan. Earlier this week, they set aside their disagreements to agree on something: They were both very unhappy their 1993 Nissan pickup truck was stolen on Monday morning outside their National City home.

    Emily painted the vehicle half-Chargers and half-Raiders last year while her husband, Angel, was away on a camping trip.

    "I didn't want to drive around in a car with a Raiders sticker, and he didn't want to drive around in a car with just Chargers on it," Emily said.

    Angel couldn't believe his eyes when he first saw it. 

    "It's crazy," said Angel.

    But he grew to love it, at least half of it, especially because it drew a lot of attention from other drivers.

    "I had one guy give me a thumb's up and then he saw the other side and started puking," Angel said.

    On Thursday, a good samaritan spotted the truck on Skyline Drive in the Spring Valley area and called 911.

    A San Diego Police officer stayed with the truck for an hour until the Cuadras could be reached.

    Other than a missing radio, the couple says the truck is in good shape.

    So far, no arrests have been made.

    And from now on, they'll use a club to keep it safe.