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Chargers Still Working On NFL Draft Strategy

Chargers hammer out strategy up until the day of the NFL Draft



    Chargers Still Working On NFL Draft Strategy
    Jim Laslavic (L) discusses the draft with Chargers' Jimmy Raye.

    As of Monday, the San Diego Chargers are still working out their strategy for the NFL Draft this week according to Jimmy Raye Chargers Director of Player Personnel.

    Raye spoke with NBCSanDiego on Valley View Casino Sportswrap on Sunday explaining how there will be discussions about team strategy up until the day before the draft.

    “I think it’s a defensive heavy draft this year, there is a lot of depth at all positions on the defensive side of the ball which is good for us,” Raye said.

    “We’ve done our due diligence trying to line these guys up and see where these guys fit,” he said. “We feel like we can get a pretty good player at 18, a guy who can come in and help us right away. “

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    As players come off the board on Draft Day, Raye said he and the rest of the Chargers administrative staff slide another name in there.

    Raye, who has been working on drafting professional players for 16 – 17 years, said direct contact with a potential draft pick is an important part of the process.

    “When you actually get the kid face-to-face for the first time, even though it might be only 15 minutes or when they make a visit to San Diego, it kind of personalizes the guy and it gives you the chance to figure out what kind of guy he is,” Raye said.

    When pressed for what the team will be focusing on come Thursday, Raye said, “We’ll see how it goes.” 

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