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Padres Are Getting Into the Fun



    Padres Are Getting Into the Fun

    There's a certain vibe around the Padres.  It's unique, not just in Major League Baseball, but in pro sports in general.

    It's called fun, and the Padres are having a ton of it.

    "This is definitely a different camp than the ones I've been in before," said starting pitcher Aaron Harang, in his first Padres camp after several years in Cincinnati. "The coaching staff keeps it loose and we have fun with it, but definitely get our work done, too."

    "This game is hard," said 2nd baseman Orlando Hudson. "Why do you want to come in and be all uptight, you'll beat yourself up. Come in relaxed and play the game you know how to play."

    The environment starts with Manager of the Year Bud Black, who likes to keep his players loose, something the veterans appreciate.

    "Buddy makes everything loose and fun," said infielder Jorge Cantu. "When I was with the Marlins it wasn't as loose, everybody minded their own business. This clubhouse has great chemistry."

    They may not be the best collection of players in baseball, but they may end up as the best team in baseball.