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Giants Fans Must-See Video



    Giants Fans Must-See Video
    White Collar Brawlers

    Giants fans can get on the ground level of a new post-season video that could easily go viral.

    The Bay Area website White Collar Brawler put together a catchy video to the tune of Journey's "Don't Stop Believing" that's catching fire on the Web.

    The crew shot the video on Thursday ahead of and during Game No. 1 against the Atlanta Braves.

    Plenty of Giants' fans were more than happy to help out and have bit parts.

    The 3:29 clip went online Monday and has been viewed around here in the newsroom by the likes of rabid Giants fans on the assignment desk as well as Sports Director Raj Mathai.  

    The video is funny, has several inside jokes and tends to bring goosebumps to those of us who cheer for the team.

    Those inside story lines include plenty of black beards, a guy wearing a "Let Tim Smoke" T-shirt, and a rally thong.

    View the video at this link.

    The site is the creation of Nate Houghteling and Kai Hasson who live in the East Bay but come from Harvard and Yale.

    Here's the back story on White Collar Brawler according to their site:

    White Collar Brawler is a documentary web series that follows two real-life guys — Kai Hasson and Nate Houghteling — as they quit their jobs and train to become amateur boxers. It’s “JustinTV” meets “Fight Club” — a story about a couple of suits looking for a life of substance. Episodes are released in real-time on Tuesdays and Fridays as the brawlers gear up for their first fight.

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